Creative Communication Programs

I am often asked what do you mean by creative communication programs?  So I thought I would answer this question today.  Creative Communication to me means to know how to take time to articulate consciously your thoughts so that they resonate in a positive and affirming manner.

To many times we fall into negativity when we articulate a story of what has recently happened to us.  You know, you have just come back from a vacation and you end up telling your friends all the things that went percievingly wrong, rather that what was incredible joyful! As a listener have you noticed this in others?  If so, than you are becoming aware of the need to hear creative communication that is uplifting and reinforces joy and gratitude.  

To become more aware of how you are speaking with others, begins first with yourself.   How many lines of thought are you feeding that are not creative in your mind?  Do you 'track' your thinking in any way?  Do you know how to recognize the 'warning signs' of uncreative thinking?

So in my programs with children and adults, I inspire one to listen more deeply to what is exciting, uplifting, generous and light hearted.  By empowering positive streams of thought, creative communications naturally unfold.  One can easily express their gratitude for the simplest of things.  Intuition is retrieved in this process as well, an pure intuition is creative!

Being conscious of how we speak first starts with how we think.  Through creative play - my drama workshops assist old patterns of negative thinking to dissolve in a fun yet deep way.  Students no matter the age learn to press the re-set button in themselves and charge forward with clear creative communications.

Always remembering FUN is part of my life!