"I love sharing creative space with children. They are so intuitive and full of joy and spontaneity. Their presence is a constant gift to me. Having no children of my own, I am blessed." 

I have been educating children, teenagers and adults for the past 34 years. 

At the age of 23 ( 1982)  I opened my first theater company/business in Toronto Ontario, Canada.

The company was called A.S.T.A.R (After School Theater Arts and Recreation).  I wrote, directed and produced one theatrical production each year with children 4-10 years old.

During these formative years I also developed my own artistic expression as a performing artist, actress, dancer and poet.

In 1986, I received an art grant to perform in China, The Meridian Figure' - A dance of Light.  This was a computerized body suit that I designed, that outlined the 14 main meridians and their acupuncture points.   The body suit lite up in darkness.  For a period of three years I performed this dance in many venues all across Canada.

In 1989 I sold my theater company in Toronto, traveled to Europe to learn from other independent artists.

I reestablished myself on Salt Spring Island British Columbia, Canada, in 1993.  Within six months of arriving I opened up the A.S.T.A.R Gallery for the performing arts.

I ran drama classes for children and adults and held performing arts events for the wider public.  I also directed, wrote and produced six original plays in the four years this company was open. 

For a couple years I worked in the film industry in Vancouver.  I worked as a film editor assistant; set deck helper; Extra Coordinator and actress in minor roles.

Then one day my life turned another corner.  I saw an ad in the local newspaper requesting a Drama Teacher needed in Singapore. (This was 1999).

The company was conducting interviews in Vancouver.  They hired me on the spot.  I had two weeks to get myself together and then I was on the plane to Asia.  

However within one year the company that hired me folded. I braved the growing interest in drama education and opened my own company Articulating Drama in Singapore in the year 2000.

I was a sought after educator often traveling to four schools in one day to teach my unique drama enrichment classes.  

I taught in eight  of the eleven top private and International Schools as well as numerous Government schools and Education centers.

In any given week I would be teaching upwards of 200 students a week!  

I have also conducted many public speaking workshops for Adults. I traveled to China and Vietnam, and Malaysia to give my one of a kind workshops on Speaking with Power and Passion; Storytelling for Adults; Emotional Power is in your Voice etc.

Iwas a member of the Singapore Drama Educators; The Singapore Storytellers Association; The Singapore Business and Professional Women's Associationand the Phuket International Women's Clubserving on the executive committee's of both of these woman's clubs. 

In 2007 I moved to Phuket Thailand as my market research showed me there were no freelance drama educators on this island.

I re-opened my company Articulating Drama and established the first after school Drama Club in 2009 at The Phuket International Academy Day School  PIADS.

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In 2010 and 2011 I opened Drama Clubs in three other International Schools on the island, as well as a private club in the south end.

The combined Drama Clubs had 50 children enrolled in 2012. In four years I directed, wrote and produced 15 drama plays with children wherein the scripts were based on their ideas, opinions and intuitions. Enjoy some of these shows on my video page.

After taking a sabbatical from April 2012 to July 2013 I was sponsored to come back to Phuket and once again run Drama Clubs at The Phuket International Academy Day School where I started.

From September 2013 to May 2014,  I directed, wrote and produced two theatrical productions (Teen Town and Unicornia)  as well as a movie called Real Face Friends. I also worked in collaboration with Phuket Gazette TV and created a T.V. Broadcast workshop for children.  See my video page.

Upon returning to Canada in June 2014 in just three months I opened the first ever Drama Club for children aged 7-12 at the Jaffray Elementary School.  To date, four different plays have been written and produced and performed.  You can view these productions  on my video page. 

In the fall of 2015 I also opened a first ever  NEW Drama Club at Highland Elementary School in Cranbrook BC.  We hope to continue in 2016-2017 school year.

I also give workshops and classes to Adults. Two successful Adult Drama Workshops have been completed in Fernie and Kimberly in British Columbia.  I am hoping to give more soon!

In June of 2015,  I participated in another educational project this time in Ecuador! A sizzle real on this amazing contribution - evolution adventure can now be viewed here:


To view a mini-documentary on my work please click the link below:

My love for the Performing Arts started at the age of seven and I don't see any reason to stop. Other countries I have performed in are: China, Vietnam, France, New York and Canada.

In my spare time I enjoy going for walks in the forest; talking to the trees; singing; cooking; painting;  and most certainly writing.

Children hold keys to the future of humanity. I hope in some small way the seeds of creativity I have planted in their consciousness will support their brave hearts throughout their lives. 

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